The Persistent PRAGMA Testbed Resources

To add a new site to a PRAGMA Cloud testbed follow this link

How do we make a worldwide collection of resources available and usable for sharing of data/computation?

  • Various technologies are now “good” enough to try:
    • PRAGMA Boot
    • Cloud Controller
    • Overlay Networks

  • Two types of natural testbed resources:
    • Pure Virtual Machine (VM) and Virtual Cluster (VC) hosting
    • VM and VC hosting with programmable networking see ENT

  • Drive infrastructure by needs of specific use cases:
    • Biodiversity Expedition
    • Lake Ecology Expedition
    • Experimental Network Testbed
    • Needs of other PRAGMA working groups

Cloud deployment technologies

  • OpenStack (NCHC)
  • OPenNebula (NCHC)
  • CloudStack (AIST, UFL, KU)

Record keeping performance

  • perfSONAR - mesh configuration


  • UF
  • UCSD
  • IU
  • Osaka
  • AIST
  • NCHC
  • Thammasat
  • Kasaesart (currently, its reousrces ar enot connected to ENT)