The PRAGMA Grid was established on May 18, 2004 by the PRAGMA Resources Working Group. This grid is composed of cluster systems and technical expertise from PRAGMA members and collaborating institutions. PRAGMA Grid provides the infrastructure and a collaborative environment for grid middleware and grid applications to interoperate and improve. In this environment, PRAGMA researchers can experiment with new approaches, solutions and innovative ideas to make the grid easy to use. Please see more detailed information on PRAGMA Grid Resources.

Who should join PRAGMA Grid?

Institutions that are working with grid applications and middleware, and are interested in building a long term-collaborative relationship with PRAGMA communities, are welcome to join PRAGMA Grid.

Individual researchers interested in collaborating with PRAGMA Grid can work via their home institutions or through existing PRAGMA grid member institutions if a working relationship exists.

PRAGMA Grid does not require member institutions to contribute hardware resources, but for all intents and purposes, it’s much easier for application drivers to access PRAGMA Grid from a local node that’s a part of PRAGMA Grid.

What kinds of applications are suitable to run in PRAGMA Grid?

  • Real science and real grid applications — per PRAGMA charter.
  • Applicants can submit jobs through globus gatekeeper to local job schedulers (SGE, PBS, LSF, SQMS, etc.). This enables resource sharing in PRAGMA Grid.
  • No absolute rules, and things may change as better technologies develop. In the event that you might have questions regarding the suitability of your application(s), please contact the PRAGMA Cloud Admin.