Visa Letters

Visa Information

Please see the USA Department of State page for more information. Most citizens of participating countries may travel to the United States for short visits for temporary business without a visa through the Visa Waiver Program.

Letter of Invitation

Please contact Shava Smallen (ssmallen (at) ucsd(dot)edu) if you need a letter of invitation to support your U.S. visa application. Please provide the information below in your email request:

If you need a letter of invitation for participating in the PRAGMA 37 Meeting, please email the PRAGMA 37 Chair, ssmallen (</a>, with the following information.

  • Your full name as appeared in your passport
  • Title/Position and name of your organization
  • Email, phone number and nationality
  • Arrival and departure dates for your stay in the U.S.
  • Additional info that needs to be evident in the invitation letter, per requirement by the U.S. Consulate office you are submitting the application to
  • If you need the original, signed physical letter posted to you, please provide complete postal address (zip code included, no PO Boxes please) in your email.

An official invitation letter will be sent to the all participants, who request them, but you must have registered for the PRAGMA meeting. Please be aware that providing necessary documents for your visa application do not imply any financial support. Travel expenses incurred to your participation in the PRAGMA37 Workshop are the responsibility of the participant himself/herself.