Air Travel

San Diego has one international airport (San Diego International Airport, USA). There are very few direct international flights to San Diego. Most international travelers will need to go thru San Francisco, California or Los Angeles, California.


Please see the Venue/Lodging page for more details.

Ground Transportation
From San Diego International Airport to Conference venue/Hotel
  • Taxi
    The easiest way to travel from the airport is to take a taxi. Follow the signs to find the taxi counter outside the terminal. Estimated taxi fare from airport to Hotel Sheraton: 45 USD (one way)

  • Ride Share
    The cheapest way to travel from the airport is to do ride share via Lyft or Uber. You will need to download their mobile app before you arrive and will need a working data plan for your phone. Once you have your luggage, put the hotel address into the app and then follow the signs for Ride Share to meet your car.


The temperature in San Diego during September ranges from 67 - 76 degrees Farenheit, 18 - 25 degrees Celsius, See weather websites to get the most up to date information.