Lake Modeling Workshop


The organizers of the workshop (Cayelan Carey, Paul Hanson, Renato Figueiredo) would like to invite PRAGMA-32 attendees to attend a lake modeling workshop to be held as one of the technical activities in the program. There are two ways we anticipate participation from PRAGMA attendees in the workshop: some participants may wish to join the workshop to learn more about ongoing lake modeling activities and consider engaging in the expedition, while other participants will have an active role with tangible contributions to a product of the workshop (a research paper). Both forms of participation are welcome! There are different expectations, which are elaborated in this call.


This workshop is an activity associated with the GLEON/PRAGMA lake expedition, and will focus on computer scientists and limnologists working collaboratively to apply lake models and the GRAPLEr cyber-infrastructure ( to address a specific science question focused on changing water quality in GLEON lakes. The expected main deliverable of the workshop will be a paper manuscript to be submitted for publication. Because the main objective of the workshop is to collaborate on a paper, the organizers plan to engage a group of participants in several pre- and post-workshop activities, to include problem definition, setup of simulation environments, setup of simulation model executions, analyses, discussions, and technical writing. The organizers also plan to engage additional participants who would like to only attend the workshop day (April 12th) and “embed” with other expedition participants to learn more about activities and opportunities for possible future collaborations.


If you simply plan to attend and learn more about the lake expedition efforts, all PRAGMA 32 attendees are welcome to attend - all you need to do is register for PRAGMA 32. If you would like to engage more deeply with the effort to contribute towards a paper, we ask that you please contact the organizers via email prior to Feb. 8th, so we can better understand your interests, expertise, and expectations about the workshop. We plan to have at least three pre-workshop virtual meetings during February and March, the full workshop day on April 12th, continued discussions during PRAGMA break-outs, and post-workshop virtual meetings.

Meeting agenda

Time Activity
10:30-11:30 Debrief, question overview, progress to date, presentation of initial figures
11:30-12:30 Breaking into teams for visualization, writing, and GRAPLEr additional runs
12:30-13:00 Break, get lunch set up, and quick walk!
13:00-13:30 Finish up lunch and identify priorities for afternoon
13:30-14:45 Resume work time for teams
14:45-15:30 Finalize outline, key figures, and tasks for post-workshop
15:30-16:00 Prepare presentation for larger PRAGMA debrief at 4:30
16:00-16:15 Return to Hilton conference center
16:30-17:00 Introductions and presentation of outcomes of workshop


Cayelan Carey, Virginia Tech, USA - cayelan (at) vt (dot) edu
Paul Hanson, University of Wisconsin, USA - pchanson (at) wisc (dot) edu
Renato Figueiredo, University of Florida, USA - renato (at) acis (dot) ufl (dot) edu